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House1 - Jing Zhao
House2 - Jing Zhao

The House is a short film directed by award winning film director Suneeth Kumar Alladi. The film won Best Film at Bangaluru International Short Film Festival in 2015, and was screened at several other international film festivals. 

The two music tracks above are from the short film and written, performed and produced by Jing. Jing also worked on sound effect and dialog editing on this short film.

DBC 1 - Jing Zhao
DBC2 - Jing Zhao
DBC3 - Jing Zhao

The Girl from Dabancheng is a short film directed by Zhe Liu. It was screened at multiple international film festivals including the Guam International film festival and the Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland. All music written, performed and produced by Jing.

The videos shown to the right are two of the many TV productions Jing worked on at MediaCorp, Singapore. The one on top is Good Luck and the one at the bottom is Mind Games.

Jing's other TV audio post production credits include The 5 Search, Ladies Nite 2, Shopper's Guide 2015, etc. Jing worked as dialog & sound effect editor on all the shows listed.

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